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Michelangelo’s David will be the symbol of Italy at Expo 2015

Michelangelo’s David will be the symbol of Italy at Expo 2015 that will be held in Milan. It stated this statue represents the best of Italian genius and art. A copy of this… Continue reading

Lost Da Vinci painting found?

The whole art world is in turmoil after the art diagnostic expert Maurizio Seracini, one of the most Leonardo Da Vinci expert as well, has recently revealed the results of his researchs under the Battle of Marciano painted… Continue reading

When movie directors fall in love with Tuscan landscapes

  How many times you exit from a movie theatre wondering where the movie you’ve just seen has been filmed? Sometimes you fall in love with a stunning landscape shot on a movie… Continue reading

In Florence someone is studying the sensitivity of plants

I’ve always known plants have sensitivity and intelligence, but really I didn’t know there was a place where the sensitivity of plants was an official field of study. And I couldn’t immagine this place was in my… Continue reading

Have you ever seen a donkeys race? Come to Torrita di Siena

  If you’ve never seen a donkeys race you should go to Torrita di Siena next March. Torrita di Siena is a lovely tuscan village at few kilometres from Siena where this kind of race… Continue reading

Biscuits and Cakes by San Miniato Monks in Florence

Who said that the Monks make only medicines and use only strange herbs? Just few months ago I had a great surprise. While I was wandering into the San Miniato al Monte pharmacy, run by… Continue reading