Lost Da Vinci painting found?

Leonardo Da Vinci- Battle of Anghiari

The whole art world is in turmoil after the art diagnostic expert Maurizio Seracini, one of the most Leonardo Da Vinci expert as well, has recently revealed the results of his researchs under the Battle of Marciano painted by Vasari. Traces of paint have been discovered behind the wall painted by Vasari in Salone dei 500 of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.  The researches  are  promoted by the National Geographic Society and the Center of Interdisciplinary Science for Art, Architecture and Archaeology (CISA3) of University of California, San Diego’s (UCSD), together with the city of Florence. The results states there are traces of black paint hidden behind the Vasari painting. This kind of black seems that one used by Leonardo Da Vinci when he painted La Gioconda. The black has a specific composition found only in the Da Vinci paintings. A sort of Maestro signature. This leads us to believe that the famous but lost “Battle of Anghiari” by Leonardo is still on the wall Vasari covered for painting his “Battle of Marciano”. This means Vasari didn’t destroy the Leonardo masterpiece, but just covered it leaving a hollow space between his own painting and the original stone wall. The Italian Government toghether with the City of Florence have decided to continue the researches but without damaging the Vasari painting. After all it was Giorgio Vasari to tell us there was a treasure nearby when he wrote “Cerca trova” (that means “Search and find”)on a flag of his Battle.