In Florence someone is studying the sensitivity of plants

Leaf lamina.

I’ve always known plants have sensitivity and intelligence, but really I didn’t know there was a place where the sensitivity of plants was an official field of study. And I couldn’t immagine this place was in my city, Florence. I just discovered there’s an International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology studying the science of plant sensory biology since 2007 and this is located in Florence. It’s the first Laboratory of this kind in the world! It’s the first time some scientists study to reveal the intelligence of plants. The scientists are proving that plants communicate with each other and with the world around, giving information regarding, for example, the quality of the air and the land, if they are under stress or if they feel well. This could be very important to study our environment as well. The plants can change themselves, adapting to new situations, without becoming aggressive like animals or…humans. We should learn from them. Plants are meek and for they shall inherit the earth. For more details please visit