Have you ever seen a donkeys race? Come to Torrita di Siena


Palio dei Somari in Torrita di Siena, TuscanyIf you’ve never seen a donkeys race you should go to Torrita di Siena next March. Torrita di Siena is a lovely tuscan village at few kilometres from Siena where this kind of race takes place every year in the week around 19th March (Saint Joseph) . The race is called “Palio dei Somari“. This year the  celebrations are starting on 17th March and ending on 25th of March. Sunday, March 25 the eight districts in which the town is divided are competing against each other with the donkeys assigned each by a drawing. You know, donkeys are very strange animals. They can be very headstrong and unpredictable. Therefore they can start the race at the best, being the first during almost the whole race and then, maybe at just few metres before the arrival, stop definetely without any reason, leaving the others win. The Palio gives also the opportunity to taste some local fabulous products such as the “pici” (a kind of sienese pasta) and the famous chianina steak. Don’t miss it!